Why you should choose our IT security solution

1. iam, iga, pam and data governance
 are our speciality

In addition to our specialized expertise in IAM (Identity and Access Management), IGA (Identity Governance and Administration), PAM (Privileged Access Management), and Data Governance, we bring extensive knowledge and comprehensive expertise in all areas of IT security. Our team possesses a deep understanding of the security requirements and challenges faced by companies of all sizes – from startups to global corporations. This broad-ranging competence allows us to assist you not only in specialized IT security matters but also in securing your entire enterprise. We understand the complexity and dynamics of the IT security landscape and leverage this knowledge to develop robust, flexible, and future-proof security solutions for your company. Trust in our expert team, which provides comprehensive consultation, tailored solutions, and proactive support – for an IT security strategy that grows and evolves with your business.

2. no escalating costs
through smart project management

Through an agile approach tailored to your situation, we avoid additional expenses and ensure that your organization receives the maximum benefit for a fair price.

3. we make a difficult topic
 easy for you

IT security can sometimes seem very complicated and intimidating. Our employees are trained to always emphasize the business added value of our solutions for our customers – without “technical jargon”.

4. we help you
relieve your it-department

Many tasks relating to the management of users and authorizations can be automated and partially automated. Let your IAM software handle repetitive tasks and reduce the workload of your IT department.

5. we are proactive,
 not reactive

We make you aware of new circumstances, technical developments and solutions in the field of IT security in good time. This gives you enough time to align your internal planning as required

6. DACH region
 and beyond

We are based in the Rhine-Main area, but serve customers from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our team works for major international corporations as well as for regional clients from the SME sector.

7. we remain
 by your side

We support you at every stage of your IAM project. We also conduct periodic “business reviews” with our customers to ensure that you stay “up to date”.

8. efficiency gains in
 business processes

Our security solutions not only improve the security situation for your IT system landscape. With the introduction of our IT solutions business processes for granting access become simpler and more efficient.

9. we want
 100% customer satisfaction

Our goal is satisfied customers: with the project process, documentation, testing, handover, commissioning and support after go-live.

10. a world-class

Our technical staff have 5 to 10 years of experience in IT. In addition, the team is constantly undergoing further training to keep pace with changes in the IT industry.

about us

Our broad expertise covers all aspects of IAM, whether it’s managing user identities, precisely controlling access to sensitive data or implementing multi-factor authentication. We understand the individual requirements of your company and specialize in developing tailor-made IAM solutions that meet your specific needs.

The security of your digital assets is our top priority. We strive not only to provide you with first-class IAM solutions, but also to optimize your access management processes to ensure efficiency and compliance.

we offer you

  • Many years of experience and a highly qualified
  • Team of experts. Reliable partner for Identity and Access Management (IAM).
  • Customized IAM solutions regardless of company size.
  • Advanced technology and an innovative approach.
  • Implementation of robust and secure access management systems.
  • Maximum protection for data and business-critical resources.
  • Offering differentiated expertise and commitment to customers.
  • Willingness to develop and implement individual IAM solutions.

about 4 Rivers

Hello! I am Johann Belau, Solution Architect with ten years of experience at IAM vendors such as One Identity and Omada.

These experiences inspired me to found 4Rivers – a company for specialized consulting services. With experienced consultants and a broad network of experts, we support and accompany you in implementing projects successfully and safely, always within the agreed time and budget.

Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Johann Belau